Our individual dharma has the potential to inspire endless freedom.

Join myself and other mindfulness leaders & teachers and be supported on your path to developing and growing a business and a life you love. We will focus on developing authentic programs, obtaining the skills you need to share your gifts and learn to genuinely express your offerings to grow your impact and sustain your passion.

What is Prana-preneurs all about?

This group mentorship program is for those women that have decided to listen to what is in their hearts and with some support attempt to turn it into their reality. It is my intention to create and hold a professional space where I can support them on their journey to embody their dharma paths.  Together we will create the desired realities and obtain a certain level of confidence needed to take responsibility for their own home-grown success. The women that have joined the mentorship know that they will have a big impact and they are willing to invest themselves wholeheartedly to get the results they desire. It is a combination of group and individualized support and together we work to empower and support individuals to become the people they are meant to be, doing what they are meant to be doing.

Dates: January 15th, February 12th, March 12th, April 16th, May 14th, and June 11th. 

Times: Monday evenings, 6:00-7:30pm for our monthly group session.

Location: The monthly group session will be held here at the studio on Elk Avenue. There is a conference room upstairs that we will be utilizing

Program Cost: $397.00/month

Included in the Prana-Preneur program: 

  • 1 90-minute Monthly Group Session (6 total)
  • 1 60-minute Individualized One-on-one session per month (6 total)
  • 24/7 Text/Email support ❤
  • Throughout this program we will learn, utilize and implement select organizational, operational, financial and communication skills that will empower you to have the clarity you need to take the necessary steps forward towards your dreams.
  • Monthly bonus items; including guest speakers, customized revenue strategy session and more to come! 

Ready to say YES! to yourself as a Prana-preneur?

Apply for a complimentary Discovery Session to see if the Prana-preneur Program aligns with your future goals for success!