About PRana-Preneurs


Prana-Preneurs are those that have decided to listen to what is in their hearts and take the bold steps needed to turn their passions into their reality. Prana-Preneurs work hard to obtain the confidence needed to take responsibility for their home-grown successes. They know that they are meant to have a tremendous impact and they are willing to invest themselves wholeheartedly to do so. Prana-preneurs know when to seek support and they know that it must empower and support their journey to become the leaders that they are meant to be, doing what they are meant to be doing. Our individual dharma has the potential to liberate ourselves and Prana-preneurs take that freedom very seriously


Join myself and other mindfulness leaders & teachers and be supported on your path to developing and growing a business and a life you love. We offer three pathways to working with us; Individualized Prana-Preneur Coaching, a 6-month Group Mentorship and a Studio Revitalization Boot-camp for studio owners and managers. 

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How can we work together?

Individualized Coaching


 Work with Brittany to gain clarity and compassion around your personal and professional goals. Together we will develop a heart-centered vision and an action plan where your professional passions can sustain your personal life. Brittany will help you calculate risks, move past self-limitations, recognize that you have everything you need to thrive and of course, celebrate all your successes! One-on-one support is for those that are committed to themselves and are seeking results. 

Individualized Coaching Includes:

We work together to identify the appropriate amount of sessions required to help you achieve your desired outcomes. 

We prefer to work with you for at least 6 months as we believe this is the appropriate amount of time to build trust, break old patterns and implement strategies for long-lasting growth

Group Mentorship


Be surrounded by like-minded professionals and gain support on your path to growing a business and living a life you love. We will focus on developing authentic programs, obtaining the skills you need to share your gifts, learn to genuinely express your offerings, be in community, cultivate a community, shift your perspective to witness endless opportunities, learn to fully show up, speak your voice and experience abundance.

Group Mentorship Includes: 

- 1 live group session per month

- 1 One-on-One session per month

- Private Online Forum

- Unlimited text/email support

- Monthly Bonus Items; including personalized website consultation, social media trainings and more

- This is a 6-month program 

Studio Revitalization Boot-Camp


Studios have the opportunity to have a significant impact on local and global communities. We want to work with you to improve your current studio operations so that you and your staff can focus on changing the world! 

We offer in-depth training on the following:

- Customer services and studio vibe

- Staff training and management

- Technological infrastructure

- Communications

- Studio offerings (scheduling & pricing strategies)

- Financial strategies 

- Being environmentally sound

We offer downloadable "done-for-you" templates as well as a consulting service package that includes the "done-for-you templates" and a customized consulting program with one of our highly trained studio professionals

Meet Brittany- Entrepreneur, Yogi, Adventurer

Prana-Preneurial #bossbabe

Brittany is fueled by creating soulful, passion-based organizations. She owns three yoga studios in Colorado, a nation-wide events business and is actively pursuing a mindfulness/yoga-industry coaching organization to help individuals and studios elevate and radiate the positive effects of a daily, living yoga practice!

Living Yoga

Running an organization tests the limits of your practices of the mat. Brittany believes that mindfulness, compassion and a global focus can change an international capitalistic climate. She believes we can create long-lasting change; one individual, one organization at a time. She applies the principles of yoga to her daily life and her daily practice permeates all avenues of how she runs her businesses and interacts with the world. 

Life is a journey

Brittany has been blessed to step out of the norm and truly live as a Prana-preneur. It has been an adventure; full of risk, fear, contemplation, challenge, patience, energy, grit and abundance. She knows its not about the summit, its about the trail and the journey. Everyday is an adventure, full of opportunities to continue to thrive and benefit all beings. It is her passion to be your biggest fan and to support you on your adventure!