Share Love. Be Love. Embrace Mindfulness.

“Love demands nothing, it simply shares.” 
Let’s talk about love! ‘Tis the season after all. During the month of February we celebrate “LOVE.” Though Valentines Day can be considered to be a mockery of a deeply human strength and ability, it always begs the question; what is true love? Whether describing the love of our partners, families, and friends; or radical self-love, at the core, true love is all the same. In many traditions, Love is sacred consciousness, it is a return to home, and has been described as divine radiance or being whole and present. In the Buddhist tradition, striving for anything outside of ourselves, including love, is a waste of our time. Practitioners would say that external grasping is not love, but bondage to suffering. That being said, the virtues of loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity (calmness) are the elements that can make love long-lasting (words borrowed from numerous Buddhist texts). These concepts are practiced in the Buddhist tradition, but they are not uniquely Buddhist. In fact, we ALL inherently have this ability within our selves and all can be developed with awareness and practice. 

Love, like intimacy, is something we can practice. 

Love and intimacy don’t just exist in some parts of our lives, but not others. In order to experience true love we must bring love into all aspects of our lives. Similarly, in order to experience true intimacy, we must become intimately engaged with all of our Selves (with a capital “S”). Bringing love and getting intimate without internal boundaries can feel like a daunting task but it all begins with an intention to do so. 

That’s why we have the practices of yoga and meditation. Yoga can help illuminate where we are feeling disconnected from our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our spirits. A regular mindfulness practice can help us see where we need to get more intimate with ourselves and be our own sources of divine love and radiance. As we begin to become the observers, as we are able to become a source of our own light and happiness, we are then capable of bringing joy and freedom to ourselves and others. 

“Oh lovers, where are you going? Who are you looking for? Your beloved is right here.”- Rumi
Come practice with us. Not because it is something else you “need to do,” but because you are taking action to return home, to be a source of love and light in a world that truly needs you, a world that needs all humans!

We hope you enjoy the snow, the sun and the chance to go outside to get inside.  We are right there with you and look forward to seeing you in the studio at one of our many, truly amazing classes.

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