February Kula News


Let us focus on loving ourselves; letting the warm love light at the heart rise from within. Breathe into it and feel it rise like oxygen to a flame and flow down the arms and hands (extensions of the heart chakra) then place your sweet loving hands back on top of your own heart, and feel it beat. Love is strong. Love is real. Love is tender.

Let us focus on loving each other. Loving our mother earth. Loving strangers. Send your love out to the far corners of the world.
The entire world needs our love right now.

We are in a time of great change. These are uncertain times, and it’s easy to lose sight of love and let fear take hold. But we know this: that we are here, together. That we have more in common than “they” have led us to believe. That we are united by the collective pulse of our blood running through our veins. The beat of the heart. The collective drum beat. The rhythm of our hearts, beating together under a rainbow of skin.

Know this: you are not alone. When you feel fear creeping in, imagine the flame at the core of your being and take a deep breath. Imagine it growing brighter, stronger. This dancing flame unites us. We are stronger together. Love is stronger that fear.

And this is why we are drawn to yoga. To yoke, or unite. Because deep down, we already know this. That we are united. That we are ONE love. ONE heart. ONE blood. So let your body move. Do yoga. Remember your connection to the Divine. DANCE! Shake off the heaviness!

I hope you’ll join us this month for some classes (Monica is back on the schedule starting February 8th!), and please read on to find out more about our upcoming events such as TRANCE DANCE, The Desire Map Workshop, Kundalini Yoga Workshops and more.

And if all else fails, it’s Valentine’s Day (month). A little chocolate, wine and roses doesn’t hurt either.

Sending you so much love, peace and light

(the light in me bows to the light in you)


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