December Kula News!

December Kula News!


It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

… Or at least it’s finally starting to look a lot like WINTER here in Crested Butte! Mother nature has blanketed our sleepy little ski town with a fresh coat of white, fluffy snow. It’s time to tune your skis, friends!

If your “ski conditioning” this fall looked a lot like bike conditioning (#GuiltyAsCharged) then make your way to Yoga For The Peaceful to get those stiff hamstrings ski season ready! Jen Laggis is even offering a special ski-specific (read: snowboarders too!) Iyengar Yoga workshop on December 18th that you won’t want to miss!

December is a magical month in Crested Butte! This winter wonderland makes the holidays sparkle with laughter, joy and true Christmas miracles. Will you be joining us over the holidays?

Many blessings!

Love, ~ Jackie

Winter Wonderland! Photo: Elena Marquez

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