“We’ve moved” & other JUNE Kula News

A message from Monica!

On Wednesday my yoga studio, Yoga For The Peaceful! opened in its new location! This is our fourth location and it is a beautiful space with brand new HEATED wood floors, beautiful painted sanskrit and murals on the walls by amazing artists Stacey Donaldson and Audrey LaFortune, a great sound system coming soon, and a new art boutique called the Downward Facing Dog! Another chapter begins!

This powerful astrological cycle and new moon energy brings with it lots of change and new beginnings, so as I leave yet another space with gratitude in my heart, I look forward to the exciting things that may be on the horizon for my studio, community, and self with this new change.

Owning a studio is such an enormous labor of love. One that I have poured my heart and soul into for the passion I have for yoga and the path of consciousness and how it can bring a little love, healing, and light into peoples lives and my community. It has not been easy, and it has taken our whole community of locals, visitors, beloved second homeowners, dedicated staff and teachers, and the support of family and friends to keep it stable and thriving over the years.

I could not have done this without my soul sister business partner Juliet Stillman, diva manager Jackie Just, and so many other people supporting me through it all, including the people who have donated to our Go Fund me campaign. Looking forward to sharing this new space with you this summer! Big love to all and hope you can come see the new space soon! XOXO



~A quick message from Jackie!

Thanks so much for the generous outpouring of support that I have felt from my friends and community near and far as we have made this transition into our new space a reality!

I have been with Yoga For The Peaceful for almost four years now and it has really come to feel like family and I am so proud to be a part of such a loving, caring and beautiful group of people! This will be my third “official” summer as manager of Y4P and I really feel that each year keeps getting better! I am looking forward to seeing everyone in classes, in town and our on our bikes this summer!

<3 Lots of love to you all! <3


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