March Kula News!

Dear Kula (yoga family),

This is my first time writing a letter that will go out to thousands (yes thousands!) of readers. Words have power and I thank you for taking the time to read mine.

I’ve known for a while now that the beginning of March would bring another great transition for me, Monica and Yoga For The Peaceful, and it’s hard to believe it’s March now! Monica leaves tomorrow for a teacher training in Whitefish, Montana (and just got back from teaching in Durango) and has just a couple days here in CB before she leaves for Colombia for 2 weeks to teach retreats, followed immediately by another teacher training weekend in Durango.

Whew! Are you exhausted just reading that? Our resilient Monica will be out spreading her light and love in the big world, and I will be here holding down the “muladhara chakra” and running the studio. I am honored to be a part of this transition which has been a giant LEAP OF FAITH from the beginning – and is really starting to sprout wings and take flight!

We have been enjoying above-average temperatures here in CB and although it’s been pretty nice to feel the sunshine on our skin, I am hoping the snow will return for our precious watershed, the flowers this summer, and YES a few more powder days! It’s only March after all and winter in the mountains is unpredictable.

It feels like Spring here so it was easy to start looking forward to all things SPRING! We have a great class pass special that will be on sale for the entire month of March that will bring the price of each class down to just $12! SPRING CLEAN your body, mind and spirit (not just the closets) and join us in class!

Our Yoga Mala 108 is happening on the Spring Equinox, Sunday March 20th (big thanks to Juliet for donating her class time and please note that Slow Flow is cancelled on this day) Together we will be doing 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar A, a powerful and traditional body prayer practice that draws the power of the sun into our bodies so that we may embody and radiate the energy of the sun. This is such a fun community event and we hope you can join us as we spring forward into the new year as the first signs of new life begin to burst forth in the world around us. Stay for chai and goodies after!

unnamed  Monica gifted me this piece of art last Christmas which I have kept above the altar in my room as a reminder to continue following my heart and my happiness. The last 10 months have been some of the most difficult of my life, certainly the most challenging time I have had since moving to Crested Butte 5 years ago. I am eternally grateful for the support I have received from my amazing mentor, all my friends and fellow teachers at Y4P who have held me up when I was feeling weak so that I was able to continue supporting my studio and my community. Thank you for the hugs, the wise words, heartfelt prayers and all the times you let me cry it out in savasana. I see the light. I feel so loved.

   To all of our students here in CB, thank you for your continued dedication to your practice and your support of Y4P, we couldn’t do it without you! If we haven’t seen you in a while we look forward to reconnecting soon.

Never stop following your heart and your happiness, to continue shining your light into the darkness to light the path for others.

You shine brighter than you think!

Thank you for reading,


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