February Kula News!

Dear Kula,

I am writing this from my bed, watching the snow fall and the beautiful winter white surround me. I have been ordered to rest and as hard as it is for me, I am doing my best to let my body recover from teaching three teacher trainings this month, lots of travel, and not many days off. I love to teach, and teaching teachers to become teachers or deepen their own personal practice has been my expanded path lately. It has been a huge support to have Jackie running the studio, and all our wonderful teachers doing such a great job teaching their style of yoga, so hard as it is to be away, I am learning the fine art of letting go.

Many of our classes have been very small this past month, so if you crave intimate classes and lots of individual attention, now is a great time to come to class! This time of year is a wonderful time to let your practice be a respite for healing, regaining balance, and going inwards, so my classes will be focused on this theme for the rest of the month and will be open to ALL LEVELS, including beginners! I miss having beginners in my classes, and want to have the opportunity as I heal and bring balance to my own life, to help others as well.

My doors and arms are always open to all teachers and students who want to work together to promote the message of yoga in our valley. Yoga for the Peaceful continues to offer yoga class options for as low as $10 per class and will never turn anyone away due to income constraints.

Thank you all for your continues support and dedication to your path.




1 Feb., 2016






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