Happy New Year! January Kula News!



Ever since the Winter Solstice, we have been in the ritual space of leaving the past behind and clearing the space for some new intentions for 2016. I look back on 2015 as the year I turned that milestone age the big 5-0, the huge dream of building my dream home was achieved, a beautiful love blossomed, the studio survived a big move, another amazing teacher training group graduated from our Shiva Rea 200 Hour Prana Vinyasa Affiliate Teacher Training, I officially handed the reins to Jackie Just in managing the studio, shifting my career towards teaching teacher trainings in various locations thrived, deepening my connection with my root teachers, Shiva Rea and Lama Tsultrim Allione, and learning more and more about the fine art of gratitude, letting go, living simply, and having faith. Having had a surprising kidney stone and getting rushed to the emergency room in May was an eye-opening experience that awakened me to SLOW DOWN and find more balance in my life. I often use the excuse “but I’m a single mom!” to justify overworking and being on the go all the time, and had considered the fact that I do yoga, meditation and live an ayurvedic lifestyle a sure deterrent to any health problems! Aha! Well this experience awakened me to the realization that anything can happen to anyone at anytime and that it’s so important to just be grateful for being alive, as well as the fact that I still need to get more balance in my life despite all my yogic practices.

I hope you all have had time to look back in retrospect and have a moment to have gratitude (and relief!) for the past year, and plant some seeds for 2016. Some of those seeds may be big dreams and goals for yourself, your loved ones, and the world that needs so much healing.

I also hope you will consider some goals of just being grateful for what you ALREADY have. Let us embrace abundance consciousness and focus on the immensity of blessings that we have just by being alive on this planet and having our senses about us to serve our gifts in the world. I always tell my students, “you have to know what your gifts are!” If anyone looks at me with a blank face and really can’t think of anything, I say, “well, until you figure that out, let me tell you what one gift is for sure. To LOVE.” That is your gift, my gift, everyone’s gift, TO LOVE! So let’s go spread it in 2016 and heal this little planet of ours, one thought, one act, one moment at a time!

Thank you all for being a part of Yoga for the Peaceful in 2015, we are so grateful!




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