December Kula News

Dear Kula (our yoga community),

It’s funny about off-season. I love the quiet time in Crested Butte, the intimate classes, reconnecting with locals, the time to go inwards, and the time to take little trips away from home…

As much as I personally love it, I also know that for myself and other locally-owned businesses, it is a challenging time make ends meet. I have wrestled with the decision of whether to keep this information to myself or to be transparent about it and let our yoga community know.  Perhaps it has to do with me turning 50 that has inspired me to be more authentic and transparent about the realities of life and owning a business, but I have decided to let you all know that at times Yoga For The Peaceful really struggles to keep the doors open.

On a more positive note, we go through this almost almost every year, and every year we get through it, so I know this year we will too, but not without an underlying worry about how we are going to pay next month’s rent, heat our space, pay our teachers, and continue to provide a superior yoga experience on a very tight budget.

There’s something about me that you should know, and that is that I never give up. It has always been my dream to provide a community yoga Shala (sacred space) here in Crested Butte providing yoga for everyone, never turning anyone away due to income, supporting our local community nonprofit organizations, and having a wonderful community of yoga teachers and members dedicated to bringing more love, light and healing into the world.

That mission gives me the courage to reach out for help when needed, and I’m very grateful for all of your loving support be it in prayers, cash donations or any other way that works for you. Please read our letter below to find out how you can help us out and make our vision of providing a superior yoga experience a reality!

This is the season of light in almost every tradition, and so, let’s celebrate! Jackie and I have been working long hours these past few months to put together a wonderful season for you, so please enjoy, sign up early whenever you can, join and like our Facebook page to stay connected! We look forward to seeing you all at our holiday party, Winter Solstice Celebration, special holiday classes and any time you walk through our doors!

May your holiday season be filled with love magic and miracles!



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