October Kula News!

Dear Kula,

The fall foliage season is so spectacular here and we have all been enjoying this magical time before the leaves fall off the trees and we stoke up our fires…

Sometimes in the summer and early fall people don’t want to come indoors and we miss so many of our locals. We hope this time of year brings you back to your practice and that the healing and balancing effect of yoga can be a blessing for you.

Yoga for the Peaceful is open 364 days a year and we are committed to offering affordable yoga for all levels and tastes! Look out for an announcement in the coming weeks about our Kula Memberships going through a transformation!  We are certain you will love it and it will open up our membership options to more people, providing MORE access to yoga for our community!

Although I will be traveling quite a bit this year, I will be continuing to teach as well as offer special classes and themes while I am home. This month I will be focusing on the nine day festival Navaratri which are some of my favorite sequences to teach. Come join me for these transformative classes!

May the quiet and stillness of the fall bring you to the peace and beauty that stirs inside your soul.

All my love and gratitude to all my staff, teachers, and clients near and far!




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