Hello Kula!


It’s Spring in Crested Butte! Some of us mourn when the lifts close and the trails are no longer groomed, and some of us are thrilledMM.Resize2 to see flowers beginning to bud! Either way, a new season in CB is always a joy to witness and begin a new cycle. In Yoga and Ayurveda, Spring is a powerful time to clear away the past, detox the body, and plant some new seeds for the coming season. With the new moon in Aries, we are advised to take bold steps to take action in ways where we dare to dream and explore!

One big dream of mine is to have a surf retreat in a location where the waves are plenty and the water is warm for bikinis and board shorts. I am very excited about this trip that’s forthcoming and we hear that the tickets to San Jose are still cheap, so jump in if you feel that fire of Aries calling you to take the plunge with us to this exotic and remote location in Matapalo!

Our schedule has some slight changes for the Spring, and even though some things slow down in CB, here at Y4P we see more people coming in to get back into balance and prepare for the wild and wonderful days of summer. We look forward to seeing the locals coming back, and will patiently await all our favorite visitors in the summer. You can be sure we have lots of wonderful events and classes for you!

Your devoted Dasi,


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